It's early morning in Bath.I woke up with the sunrise,and now I have the streets to myself.我漫步到马戏团和皇家新月周围,taking in the golden stone buildings and relishing the quiet.This fleeting experience is the highlight of my spontaneous weekend getaway to Bath,但这不是我唯一爱的东西。

Pulteney Bridge,浴室


这很有道理,because there's a lot to adore 万博全站客户端about this town on the edge of England's Cotswolds.I've traveled here on a sponsored trip with拉特罗姆公司体验城镇,在自然泉水中沐浴。I spun a wheel the day before I left to determine where I would travel,我很高兴能得到巴斯。




From there I made my way down through the saunas and scented steam rooms to the large pool on the lower ground floor.它很拥挤,but the experience was enjoyable.How could it not be?This tradition dates back to Roman times.



Roman Baths,Bath,英格兰

This ancient spot in the center of town was where the Romans built their public baths and temple.It's remarkably well preserved,and the extensive audio tour took me through all of the indoor and outdoor pools and around the artifacts.

Roman Baths,Bath,英格兰

在罗马浴场之后,我在一家名为腌青菜的新咖啡馆找到了午餐。食物没有留下什么印象,but the little upstairs room with a view of the secret garden more than made up for a lumpy frittata.


午饭后,我穿过城市去吸收气氛。从标志性的普尔特尼大桥到悉尼花园和肯尼特和雅芳运河,I wandered through town photographing everything in sight.




巴斯的夜晚是欣赏修道院和夜晚点亮的桥的好时候,and I meandered some more as darkness set in.

Tea Shop in Bath,英格兰

当它做到的时候,我发现自己回到了旅馆。The修道院酒店is in a great location near Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths.工作人员非常友好,我的房间舒适明亮。I could have done without the dirty mugs next to the kettle,但除此之外,我度过了一段美好的时光。


现在我正在享受我前面提到的日出漫步,taking in all things Georgian before the town wakes up.



The Circus,Bath,英格兰

但唤醒城镇,轻轻地这样。As the streets fill,I walk to the top of Lansdown Road to take in the views of the city.后来,我在马戏团上方美丽的街道上闲逛,然后在绿鸟咖啡厅吃午饭。




午饭后,我忍不住在米尔森街上和附近购物。I duck down little lanes and into covered markets,到处寻找新的角落去探索。

Milsom Street,Bath,英格兰

And before I know it,my weekend is over and it's time to travel back to London.


I have a camera full of photos and a mind packed with memories (not to mention a bag full of new clothes),so saying good-bye isn't as sad as it could be.And it's even less melancholy when I remember that the town is only an hour and a half from London,making a spontaneous weekend getaway to Bath easy.It won't be long until I'm back.

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  1. Loved all of those photos – it took me back to our trip there.We stayed at The Pig Near Bath (you do need to take a taxi there from the train station).这是我住过的最迷人的地方。你去过猪旅馆吗??

  2. Beautiful images!我去年第一次去巴斯,就爱上了它,太美了。I only had 1 night there so I definitely want to go back to explore more.

    Holly X

  3. During my first stay in London,I took a day trip/bus trip to Stonehenge and Bath.Since I didn't tour the Roman baths (I opted for a nice lunch at Acorn and a sweet dessert at The Huntsman),很高兴看到你的照片。

    下次我去巴斯,I will check it out,but I'll still go also return for some sticky toffee pudding as well 🙂

  4. 我读过很多关于罗马浴场的书,万博全站客户端I would like to explore it on my own hand and I would like to explore Stonehenge too.Thanks for sharing this post.

  5. I've only been to Bath once,despite living in the UK.我从一个朋友那里拿了一些东西(从利兹到巴斯附近),决定在回来的长途旅行前去拜访一下。从那时起(两年前……)我一直想回到那个地方。


  6. 你好,朱莉!🙂

    I love spontaneous trips!!!


    I hope you have a great week!🙂

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